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Cali Fluff Co. bandanas are a snap-on style, which means you can directly snap them, or tie and snap them depending on your dogs neck size.

Your dogs neck size and fluffiness level will help dictate the size of your bandana. Our tip is to measure your dog's collar length and compare to our size chart.

If your fluffy friend is in between sizes, we recommend sizing up as you can always fold down the bandana and tie and snap it for a customized fit.

Size Guide

X-SMALL: Fits necks up to 9"
suggested for most cats, yorkies, chihuahuas

SMALL: Fits necks up to 13"
suggest for most pomeranians, smaller corgis, doxies, maltese, mini doodles, havanese

MEDIUM: Fits necks up to 17"
suggested for most medium doodles, schnauzers, mini aussies, beagles

LARGE: Fits necks up to 22"
suggested for most golden retrievers, labs, german shepherds, huskies, standard doodles

X-LARGE:Fits necks up to 24"
suggested for fluffier golden retrievers, great pyrenees, great danes