For the love of dogs

Our mission is to create high quality, beautiful California inspired pet goods for your fluffy friend’s everyday adventures.

We value

Pawsitve Community

There’s no fluffin’ time for negativity. At Cali Fluff Co. we’re passionate about creating a positive, inclusive and supportive community for all of our fluffy friends and their parents.

Wagging Tails

We want to see our fluffy friends happy, smiling with tails wagging. But it doesn’t stop there, we want our customers happy too. We are passionate about providing great customer service. We are here for you and your pups.


We strive to create quality handmade goods for you and your fluffy friends–only the best for your fluffs.


We are passionate about doing our part to make this world better for you and our fluffy friend by striving to have minimal packaging that is all compostable and recyclable.