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Brand Rep Picture Guide

We're often asked what we look for when looking for new brand reps, specifically around photo style. So we wanted to take the time to create this handy guide that hopefully will help. 

  • In general, we love all breeds of dogs. So we don't care if you're light, dark, spotted we love all fluffy friends.
  • We prefer unedited photos when possible so that we can edit them/put our presets on them
  • We prefer you to drop your photos into a Google Drive, Box, Dropbox folder vs sending them on Instagram. That's just because Instagram often will downgrade quality of photos. 
  • As far as photo backgrounds, we prefer well lit, airy photos. Natural light is your best friend, but not too much direct sunlight! We've taken the time to break down a few of our fav types of photos below 👇🏼

Wood backgrounds

We love a great wood background, it's natural and fits with our neutral white/beige vibe. Be it a beach dock, woods, park etc, they all work! What's key is that they are well lit, and are over 50% wood background. Good rule of thumb is just not too much green. 

Local woods

Beach backgrounds

While all of these photos are different, they are all perfectly on brand. You can't have a California based business without beach photos, and all of these are all following the key elements of our brand. The dog + product pops, they show off their personalities, and they are all light and airy. 

Beachside wave

Coastal golden hour

With an ocean view

Light & airy

Here's a bunch of examples of light and airy photographs, where the main background is light and white.

Rigby is in his house, but with the mix of the curtains and rugs for the lighter background this photo is perfection! Proving you don't need to be fancy to have great photos.

The same goes for Baker. This white chair and white blanket for a bit a texture is the perfect way to brighten up your photos. Don't forget that great lighting!

Penny is nailing it with the simple but gorgeous photo. Her and her bandana really shine here, and fun fact, her mom took this at a mall!

Lastly, this photo of Graham is great, not only is he just looking adorable, but his mom snapped this photo on their walk and it shows off our stacking bracelets perfectly! As always, lighter and airy and not too busy of background. 

Inside lounging

Comfy chair

Other product photos

When thinking about photos, please don't forget about the human products. We always need more and more photos of our hats, apparel, cups etc. Again, while these are all different, they all encompasses our key brand elements and all of these have been featured on our website and social feeds. 

Slow feeder

Showing all the products

Dreamy kitchen

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