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brand rep content resources

We're often asked what we look for when looking for new brand reps, specifically around photo style. So we wanted to take the time to create this handy guide that hopefully will help. 

  • In general, we love all breeds of dogs. So we don't care if you're light, dark, spotted we love all fluffy friends.
  • We prefer unedited photos when possible so that we can edit them/put our presets on them
  • We prefer you to drop your photos into a Google Drive, Box, Dropbox folder vs sending them on Instagram. That's just because Instagram often will downgrade quality of photos. 
  • As far as photo backgrounds, we prefer well lit, airy photos. We've taken the time to break down a few of our fav types of photos below 👇🏼

there's three

main things we look for

not to much green

One of the biggest things we look for in photos is that there's not too much green. Think taking photos in front of a bush, or on the grass. You'll never find photos like that on our feed–not because they are bad, they just don't fit our aesthetic on our feed.

your pup shines

We don't love a cluttered background, we love for your pup to be the main star! So keep that in mind when picking locations.

well lit

The biggest thing is to make sure you utilize natural light. So taking photos by a window if indoors, or outside. However, make sure it's not direct sun, that tends to wash out the bandana–we love shad and overcast for some great light!

wood / beige backgrounds

We love a great wood and beige background, it's natural and fits with our neutral white/beige vibe.

Trail Bridges

This is actually my pup Neville and we're on a little neighborhood trail. It's got this great wooden bridge that I love to use as a backdrop for photos. It's neutral in color, bring just enough dimension without detracting from him.

In the woods

Maisy really nailed it with this shot. It's well lit, not too cluttered in the background. Has that beige (dead grass) and the wood trees behind her. Perfect for fall!


One of my favorite photos of Leo is this one! He is on a boardwalk–this wood is perfect, it's not too warm in color and really just fits that neutral vibe.

Beach / Coastal Backgrounds

While all of these photos are different, they are all perfectly on brand. You can't have a California based business without beach photos, and all of these are all following the key elements of our brand. The dog + product pops, they show off their personalities, and they are all light and airy. 

white backgrounds

Here's a bunch of examples of light and airy photographs, where the main background is light and white.

Interior whites

This white chair with white wall is the perfect way to brighten up your photos. Don't forget that great lighting!

Interior Neutrals

Rigby is in his house, but with the mix of the curtains and rugs for the lighter background this photo is perfection! Proving you don't need to be fancy to have great photos.

White Walls

Penny is nailing it with the simple but gorgeous photo. Her and her bandana really shine here, and fun fact, her mom took this at a mall!

Ideas For Photos

Looking for inspo on where you might find a good backdrop? You may be surprised by some of the one's our reps have found.

State Parks

Sand Dunes







Fun Wall Murals