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Custom Pet Portrait Mug

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Hey fluff lover! Let's take your favorite photo of your fluffy friend, and turn it into an outlined portrait.


This mug can fit up to two pets. If you are including more than one pet, please write descriptions of which pet is which below. 

When selecting your photos, make sure to upload photos that are:

  • High resolution
  • Well lit (natural lighting is best)
  • Face is straight on
  • Unedited (no filters)
  • Close up is best with their face in the frame (versus a picture from far away)
  • Showing their ears and any other features the way you want–for example if your photo has one ear up and one down that's how the outlined portrait will be

Note: Portrait mode photos are not ideal, if you want to use a photo that you took in portrait mode on your iPhone, just turn it off and save it as a new copy. To do this, just go into edit mode of your photo, and tap on the "portrait" banner that pops up in yellow at the top. Here's a video tutorial if you want a step by step.

Number of Pets:

Drop your pets name below, if more than one pet make sure to add descriptors. If you prefer to not have a name put N/A.

Upload your photos below. Upload at least two photos of each pet if possible. Refer to the guidelines above for what types of photos are best. If needed, I may reach out to you for more photo options.

If you'd like me to use a past portrait we did, just drop your order number below.

Custom Pet Portrait Mug
Custom Pet Portrait Mug Sale price$34.66

Customer Reviews

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The cutest coffee mug!

I love a good coffee mug and was so happy to add this to my collection! Now I want my dog’s face on everything 😂 I love this mug for my hot coffee. Cali fluff co quality never disappoints 🩷